Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us. That’s why 1xBet’s privacy policy is designed to give you maximum security and peace of mind. Our actions and protocols are fully compliant with regulations enforced by the Malta Gaming Commission, assuring you of the highest standards in online betting. Feel free to check the specifics, as this document aims to be completely transparent.

Your Safety is Our Priority

1xBet is a trustworthy platform that keeps your payments and personal details secure. When you become a part of our worldwide community, we ensure that your personal data is well-protected.

What Do We Collect and Why?

Your personal information is crucial for offering you a seamless betting experience. We only collect what’s necessary for you to use our platform effectively. This includes your name, registration address, birth date, and financial details such as credit card transactions and transfers.

How We Keep Your Data Safe

We employ a robust encryption strategy to protect your personal information. Your data is stored in a secure, internal network separate from external servers, limiting unauthorized access. When a transaction is needed, you unlock this data with a unique password, known only to you. Our secure SSL protocol encrypts the data traffic between our servers and your device.

Fail-Safe Measures

If, for some reason, our system encounters an issue, backup servers are ready to jump into action, minimizing any disruption. To further enhance security, we’ve implemented a two-tiered safety net:

1) Daily backups for all stored data
2) Data recovery systems for any type of failure

Your Control Over Personal Information

You have full control over your data. To review or edit your details, simply login to our website at, navigate to “My Account,” and then to “Settings.” For any extra support, you can always reach out to our customer service via email at it.

Usage of Your Data

We collect your information for several legitimate reasons: to manage user accounts, comply with legal regulations, maintain service quality, and keep you updated on our offerings that might interest you.

Legal Standing

All data collected is stored securely, and we hold all legal rights to manage this information for operational and security purposes.

Access to Your Data

You can review, update, or even delete your personal information at any time. To make these changes, log in to your account on our website, go to “Settings” under “My Account,” and make your updates. If you find any discrepancies, you have the right to correct or delete the data as needed.

Trust and transparency are the cornerstones of our privacy policy. Your security is our responsibility, and we go to great lengths to ensure you can enjoy a hassle-free betting experience.